Face Washers


Find a face washer for your bathroom

A facewasher is a mini towel designed especially for your face. Dry your face after washing and cleansing, or use after you have a shower. Alternatively, use it while your washing your face and the texture of the towel will act as a gentle exfoliate to reveal fresher and softer looking skin.

Add a face washer to your bathroom linen collection from the range at House of Home. Featuring 100% cotton, the high quality and high absorbency face towels at House of Home are 700 gsm, providing you with luxurious and superior comfort. Choose from a range of colours including beige, cream, brown, teal, grey, navy and white.

How to use a facewasher:

Most people use a hand towel for drying bother their hands and their face, which actually spreads germs that can lead to breakouts. Many people do the same with their shower towels as well. But again, germs picked up on the towel from drying off your body can be spread to your face. That’s where the facewasher steps in.

You can use these two ways – either to dry your face after washing, or use wet while washing your face as a gentle exfoliate.

If you’re using it wet, a facewasher is only suitable for one use and should be washed after each use. In this case it’s best to stock up on a few facewashers. However, if you’re using it to dry off your face, you can get a few uses out of it before it should be washed.

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