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Exhaust Fans


No need to exhaust yourself- find a great bathroom fan here

The importance of a great exhaust fan

An exhaust fan is almost as important as the shower, sink and toilet in any bathroom. The benefits of having a fan in this room far outweigh the alternative of foregoing the purchase of one and opening a window instead.

An exhaust fan helps to expel any bathroom-related smells that may occur, and also helps to dissipate any steam from a hot shower or bath that can cause mould later on. Mould can compromise the quality of the room - not to mention your health.

Finding an exhaust fan doesn't have to be exhausting

At House of Home, we source the most hard-working exhaust fans for your bathroom from suppliers and retailers all across this great country of ours. We make sure that the products we list on our site will stand the test of time, and also that there is a variety to suit any budget.

Many modern exhaust fans now come standard with inbuilt lights. We house an extensive range of solutions with lights and/or heat lamps, as well as a number of purely compact fans that serve the task of expelling steam from your bathroom. Our fans come in either a white or silver finish - timeless options that will blend seamlessly in with most bathroom decor options.

Added extras from our customer-focused suppliers

If for some reason you experience an issue with your new exhaust fan, most products from House of Home also come with various warranty options inclusive.

No matter whether you are after a simple exhaust fan that performs the main job at hand, or a fan that also sheds light on your bathroom and keeps you warm, you are sure to find what you are looking for right here at House of Home.

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