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A clean, green, heating machine! Why an ethanol fireplace is for you

What are the benefits of an ethanol fireplace?

Fireplaces that run purely on ethanol have so many facets to them that make them the ultimate home purchase for anyone searching for a new fireplace.

Not only are they stunning to behold - many with a futuristic aesthetic to them that is unparalleled in any other fireplace style - but they also are completely portable.

Ethanol (also known as bioethanol or methylated spirits) is a fuel that is clean-burning and renewable. For those with a strong environmental conscience, an ethanol fireplace is the ultimate choice for your home, as this fuel gives off clean emissions. Due to the fact that these fireplaces run purely off refillable ethanol, there is no need for a chimney, wood, or an electricity source nearby; you can therefore transport your system between rooms.

Looks-wise, due to the nature of their fuel, the flame of an ethanol fireplace is a wonder in itself - emitting clean, orange flames that will dance brightly behind their safety partition.

Dining in or out?

Dining al-fresco with dinner guests and want to blow them away with your new home addition? We showcase many outdoor ethanol fireplaces that will have your guests staying warm and comfortable outside as the sun goes down and the chilly night air blows through.

If you want the cost-effective, environmentally friendly and soot-free benefits of an ethanol fireplace, but still want the same feeling of a old-fashioned one, we not only showcase offerings from retailers that stock portable ethanol fireplaces, but also wall-mounted ethanol options as well.

Look no further

Here at House of Home, we have an extensive range of ethanol fireplaces that will suit every home décor requirement and budget. Have a browse today and we are confident you will be taking your new fireplace home in no time!

Discover How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture to match your new outdoor ethanol fireplace.