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What are ducted vacuuming systems?

Ducted vacuuming systems comprise a centrally located power unit which collects the dirt and debris, which is connected to the parts you hold in your hands with ducting and inlet valves. When you want to do some vacuuming, plug into the inlet and unplug when you're done.

At House of Home, we have everything you need to get you started with this exciting alternative to portable vacuum cleaners, including all the tools, accessories, inlets and attachments.

Why choose a ducted vacuuming system?

You may already have a good vacuum and are wondering why you would switch to a ducted vacuuming system. There are several benefits over traditional vacuums.

One of them is that they are healthier. Because everything you're vacuuming up is being removed from the home, the air quality inside your rooms is better. This helps everyone, but particularly those who suffer from allergies or people who are fussy about their house smelling wonderful.

Ducted vacuuming systems are more powerful

Ducted vacuuming systems are also generally more powerful than traditional vacuums, meaning your house is cleaner and more free of all those hard-to-remove microscopic particles including allergy-producing pollen. Ducted vacuum systems are also easier to use, as you are not lugging around a heavy unit, and you don't need to find somewhere to store it.

Ducted vacuuming systems are also quiet where you are using them, because the central unit is located somewhere else - and that's something your sleeping children will appreciate! Ducted vacuuming systems also typically last many years - much longer than a portable unit that can burn out before you know it.

Multiple benefits in ducted vacuuming systems

Luckily, all of these benefits are easily accessible to you, as ducted vacuuming systems are easy to have installed in a matter of hours. Need some handy tips on how to buy your first ducted vacuuming system? Let us help.