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Choosing the right basin drain can keep your bathroom clear of blockages

At House of Home you can find a selection of the world's best bathroom fixtures and fittings, including basin and floor drains. Drains can often be purchased in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your bathroom decor.

Choosing a good drain is very important for any house owner. Ensuring that water has a clear place to flow away can avoid expensive problems such as blockages. There are other ways to keep your bathroom drains from blocking and overflowing.

The importance of drain location

Careful consideration should be given to the location of the primary drainage trap in your bathroom as all other fixtures (such as sink, bath and shower) will rely on the primary trap to clear used water from the room. Ensure that your primary or main drain is located in a space that allows additional water such as bath and shower over-run to move easily towards it rather than pooling in one spot.

Maintaining your bathroom drains

Drains can quickly become clogged with hair, soap residue and toothpaste. You can easily clean bathroom drains on a regular basis by removing the drain cover, cleaning out residue with a rubber glove and brush, and flushing the drain with hot water to clean any remaining blockages.

Every one to three months it's advisable to flush your drains out. You can simply pour half a bottle of vinegar down the drain, let it stand for 10 minutes and follow up with a good stream of hot water. The acid in the vinegar works to loosen any clogs that may be forming, acting as a preventative measure and keeping your bathroom free of foul smells. If you aren't a fan of the vinegar smell, follow it up with some lemon or lime juice to give your drain a citrus zing.

If you haven't been maintaining your drains on a regular basis and think you might need something with a bit more strength, add baking soda to the mixture. After pouring a pot of boiling water in your drain, pour in some baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes. Follow it up with a mixture of vinegar and hot water and cover with a drain plug (if you have one) for five to 10 minutes.

Choosing a good drain

If you are simply replacing an existing drain, look for a replacement with the same shape and diameter. If you are shopping for a new house or renovation, it may be an idea to consult your plumber to help you with the choice of drain.

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