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Bathroom must have: Double heated towel rail

Heated towel rails are now a must have item for every bathroom, and add a sense of luxury and comfort to your showering and bathing experiences.

Is a double heated towel rail right for my bathroom?

A double heated towel rail requires more wall space than a standard towel rail, so only look into a double rail if you have the space needed. You should also ensure there will be adequate space left surrounding the towel rail for cords or plugs. The size of the double heated towel rail could overwhelm some small bathrooms, especially if all other bathroom items are on the smaller side.

However, if you have the room, then absolutely install a double heated towel rail in your bathroom. Not only are they are great way to keep wet towels from piling up on the floor, they will ensure you get a warm dry towel for that extra snug feeling after every shower. On top of this, they neatly organise your towels making your bathroom look cleaner and they’ll also warm your bathroom at the same time.

What if I can’t fit a double heated towel rail in my bathroom?

If you don’t have the wall space for a double heated towel rail, then don’t stress. House of Home stocks a fantastic range of multiple heated towel rails, single rails, and bathroom wall hooks, which are all great alternatives.

Can't decide which towel rail will suit your bathroom? Check out our blog article Heated Towel Rails for some great tips and inspiration.