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Door Stopper


Show-stopping door stoppers

The diversity of door stoppers

You may think that door stoppers are an old-fashioned addition to a space and aren't a mandatory requirement for your home. You'd be wrong. These beauties are a great, multi-use and diverse purchase for any room in the house - be it a front hallway, living space or bedroom.

Firstly, they do just what their name implies. If you have a door that is particularly heavy and is hard to prop open on nice days when you want to let some fresh air into your home, door stoppers are a stylish and practical option.

On the flip side, if the cooler weather has well and truly set in, and your doors are particularly draughty, you can't beat a great door stopper that also doubles as a draught stopper. Chilly air can creep in under doors, undoing all of the hard work you've put in to insulating and warming your home - so stopping a draught with one of our options is a cost-effective measure.

You can't lose with a fashionable and timeless door stopper that not only looks lovely in the home, but serves a purpose as well.

Our unbeatable range

House of Home has scoured homeware stores across Australia to find the best collection of door stoppers to showcase to you - all in the one, easy-to-navigate place.

We have stunning door stoppers that are great for propping open doors throughout your home and draught stoppers for ensuring your home stays warm and comfortable during winter. No matter which you choose from our wide selection, we can guarantee your new purchase will be unique and stylish, and will become a furnishing you just can't live without.

At House of Home, our variety of essential door stoppers can be filtered by a range of attributes - style, fabric, brand, price and location - to make your shopping experience an exceptional one.

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