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Would you leave the house without straightening your tie or applying your lipstick? These are the finishing touches which make all the difference to your appearance.

The same can be said about door handles. Door handles is considered the finishing touch to your beautiful doors however, they can often be overlooked when completing home renovations.

Door handles shouldn't be disregarded and be the last purchase you make. They make a statement to your front door and can be complementary to your interior rooms.

With such a wide choice available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose what door handle best fits your needs and style. We've compiled some tips on choosing the right door handle for you.

Tips for choosing the right door handle

  • Decide which TYPE of door handle you need: Knob, Lever, Flush Pull, Fixed Pull or an Entrance Handle? Each type will suit a different application in the house.
  • Decide on the STYLE you are after. Door handles come in a range of styles including contemporary, traditional, Victorian, Edwardian, Colonial, Art Deco, Georgian, Art Noveau….the list is endless.
  • Decide on the ROSE you are after. The rose, also known as the backplate, will help to complete the style of the door handle. Available in round, square, rectangular, oval and irregular or decorative.
  • Choose a MATERIAL and a FINISH that will suit the style and design of your décor. Stainless Steel, Chrome and Brass are just some options that come in a Polished, Satin or Antique finish.

There are several different types of handles available, each with it’s own purpose and favoured location.

Types of door handles:

Pull handle – a bit of a self explanatory name, the pull handle is a handle used to pull open doors and are available in a wide range of materials and finishes.

Flush pulls – these are handles that sit inside a groove, sitting flush in a door. These are commonly used for interior sliding doors such as cupboards, wardrobes and some ensuites.

Doorknob – one of the most common types of door handles, a doorknob is a circular knob that is twisted to open a door. These are popular for both interior doors made from timber materials and exterior doors made from metal materials.

Door levers – these are handles that are pushed down to open a door. These are easier to grip than doorknobs and can be better for older wrists or those with arthritis. These are typically made from metal materials.

Entrance handle – specifically designed for exterior doors and entranceways, entrance handles are large, sturdy and high quality handles that are built to battle the elements. These can also be found on the inside of an exterior door, or just the outside. These work exactly the same as a pull handle but are built to last.

The style of door handle is also something to consider. If your home currently has metal handles and other fittings, it’s probably best to maintain consistency.

However, don’t let this guide stop you from being creative – any type of handle can be used in whatever situation you choose!

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