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Display Boxes for decorating


Display boxes for decorating and storage

Home decorating ideas and styling tips to help decide how to finish that perfect room

At House of Home, we cherry-pick from many stores and styles to bring you the best from each. Our display boxes are diversely selected to suit any home, but which is best for you?

For the messy house

If you have a troop of messy kids or don’t trust that new boyfriend to put his things away, the right display box could be essential in making your life easier. Look for one of our more hard-wearing products made from recycled materials. Or a wooden display piece can match almost any style of room, with storage and easy to clean, it could be the perfect addition to your home.

It’s just not finished

So all the furniture is in and the room just still doesn’t look finished. You don’t need a great deal of storage, and you have more than enough seats for guests, you’re just after the finishing touches. Try a jewellery display for that empty space on your shelf. Or, if you want something that looks both soft and clean, try one of our Scandinavian inspired fabric storage pieces.

For the cold room

Got a room that looks just a bit too modern? Is it too clean-cut and hard, and just feels cold? A fabric display box could be all you need, and you can go modern, antique, or trendy with our selection. For extra warmth and a sense of that handcrafted authenticity, try one of our unique antique pieces. Or for something still soft, but sure to fit the modern look, try a Scandinavian fabric display box. For something in between, try a handmade piece without all the exotic extras to make your room yours.

Still not sure how to complete your room?

Try taking a photo of the room for a clear perspective. Sometimes a photo will help give you distance, making it easier to imagine how an addition will look. You can look at it alongside product pictures to see what fits, and what clashes.

Display boxes are a great way to create a clutter-free bedroom, get some more tips and tricks with our blog.