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Icon By Design Dining Room Seating


Live your interior dream with Icon by Design dining room chairs

The exciting range of Icon by Design dining room chairs is extensive, so you will be able to find the chair that best matches not only your home and its existing d├ęcor, but your own individual tastes and style palettes.

Timeless chairs in a huge range

A designer range of timeless furniture in a huge range of sizes, materials and styles is waiting for you in Icon by Design dining room chairs. The range makes it possible to fill your home with Icon by Design dining room chairs that tick every box: designer furniture that inspires passion and personality at the right price.

Luxury furniture within reach

High-end, designer furniture is often out of reach, with big brands, wholesalers and landlords dominating the market. However, Icon by Design dining room chairs come straight from the furniture maker, giving you the best styles and high quality without the huge price.

You can even fit out your entire home by checking out the rest of Icon by Design's furniture range right here at House of Home.

Fulfil your interior dream

Icon by Design dining room chairs are defy changing trends by showcasing the best of dining room furniture for years to come. They're available in all styles from your favourite, familiar, classic dining look, to the best in contemporary vogue dining areas. Sourced direct from the talented craftsman, Icon by Design dining room chairs do not skimp on quality so they will last a lifetime and fulfil your interior dream.

To find out more about Icon by Design, read our interview with founder David Light.

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