Dining Room Furniture


Dramatically Update Your Home With Classic Dining Room Furniture

For a number of years, homeowners were moving away from traditional dining room furnishings. Now, the trend has swung back! Browse our carefully curated marketplace to find the furniture that will transform your space into a beautiful room where you share meals and make memories.

The Dining Room Is Back

Why has the dining room come back into vogue? There are several reasons:

  • It’s becoming more essential for families to eat together.

  • The dining room is a reminder of bygone eras, for which we’re nostalgic.

  • Dining room furniture is enjoying a renaissance with creative styles and unique offerings.

No matter the style of dining room you’re trying to achieve, you’ll find the furniture to achieve it on our online marketplace. From classic dining room furniture to Art Deco, vintage, and rustic, we have it all. We even have 20th Century Scandinavian, European, Danish, Industrial and more.

Buy Dining Room Furniture as a Set or Order Pieces Separately

House of Home has put together several categories of dining room furniture for sale. We make shopping for your dining area fun and easy, with categories including:

  • Dining tables— As the centrepiece of your dining space, you need one that reflects your style, as well as the architecture of your home. Look for a table that isn’t too big or small for the dining room. Some dining room tables have leaves that can be added and removed, giving you control over how big the table is on a daily basis.

  • Dining chairs — When browsing our marketplace, keep in mind the people who will be sitting on the chairs. Someone who prefers a high-backed chair will feel uncomfortable in a chair without spinal support. You should also pick fabrics that fit your lifestyle. If you have children, you may want to avoid materials that aren’t stain resistant. If you have younger kids, consider covering your chairs.

  • Stools — Not every seat in the dining room has to be a chair! Stools are quite useful, as they can easily be in the corner until they are needed. Additionally, some modern or industrial dining tables are at heights where stool seating is required.

  • Dining settings— Feel like it’s just simpler to purchase a set rather than buy your dining room furniture piecemeal? The dining settings at House of Home are as varied as you have come to expect from our curated collections.

  • Buffet, hutches and sideboards — It’s helpful to have a place from which you can serve meals and store plates, napkins, tablecloths and other dining room staples. Our buffets, hutches and sideboards are not only useful, they also reflect styles that go with our other dining room pieces.

  • Benches — Another type of seating that’s increased in popularity is the bench. If you’re into European or Scandinavian décor, you’ll feel right at home eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with your loved ones on a well-crafted bench!

Turn your dining room into a place where you can’t wait to spend time! Browse and discover more on our online marketplace!

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