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Dining Room Chairs


Finding your perfect Dining Room Chair

Sitting around a dining room table sharing a meal is great, what makes it even better is when the dining chair you have chosen is comfortable. We've pulled together what we think are the top three things to consider when buying your new dining room chairs.

1.Dining Chair Comfort

Everyone at House of Home believes in your home being a place that you can relax and enjoy, and this is particularly important at the dining room table. So choose dining room chairs that encourage you to relax. A great dining room chair is comfortable to sit in through a whole long dinner party. Make sure the dining chair doesn't cut into the back of your legs, that the chair back offers support, and of course some padding on the dining chair seat will make sitting and chatting even more comfortable.

2.Dining Chair Finish

Of course the look of your dining room chair is an important part of the overall aesthetic of your dining room. But its also important to think about who is going to be using the dining room chairs. If you have a young family, or children visiting regularly then choose a finish easily cleaned – leather, metal, or wood are all durable. Fabric upholstery and wicker can both stain easily when used on the seat of a dining room chair.

3.Dining Chair Look

And of course the aesthetic choice. There are so many dining room chair styles to choose from. Formal, antique, relaxed, there is a dining room chair style for every interior. Our only tip – choose something you love and spend as much as you can on your dining room chairs. Dining room chairs get a lot of use and it really is worth having the best quality you can afford.

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