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Fill your home with alluring aromas with a diffuser

Scent diffusers, usually comprised of multiple rattan reeds in oil-filled containers, are the latest trend for your modern home, ensuring your house is filled with fresh fragrances whilst looking stylish and up-to-date. Unlike candles, they are entirely safe as they do not involve flames, or risk of fire, soot, smoke or heat.

Scent or reed diffusers may be a very simple concept, but they are an increasingly popular accessory that your modern home must have. The reeds are located in a decorative bottle, jar or container, absorbing fragrant oil and ensuring your home smells wonderful.


A few reeds or lots of reeds? The choice will be yours, allowing you to control whether you want a lot of fragrance in the air - perhaps for a large room or outdoors - or you prefer a more subtle and delicate aroma. The fact that you don't need to power the diffuser also means it can be put anywhere rather than near a power point.


Because the fragrance is spread by the oil creeping up the reed, diffusers smell just as good as scented candles but without the risk of fire. So you can safely leave it anywhere around your home without worrying that it will cause a fire or set off your smoke alarm while you are out or at work.


The combination of the relaxing qualities of fragrance and not needing power, batteries or a hot and smoky flame means a diffuser will ease your stress much more than the alternatives that are on the market. Put one near the bath while you fill it with hot water for an after-work soak, or on your coffee table while you read a good book with a glass of red wine.

Tips for use

Is this your first reed diffuser? Here are some tips:

  • place it in a window and allow the breeze to push the gentle aromas around your home

  • after some time, flip the reed sticks and double their effectiveness

  • once you notice that the reeds are completely saturated, it will be time to change them

Discover how a diffuser can be a great way to beautify your bedroom.

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