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3 top tips for choosing dhurrie rugs

While you're looking, we'll let you in on a few tips for choosing the right dhurrie rug for your home.

1. Choosing the right shape

The main decision here is whether or not you go for hard angles (as in squares or rectangles) or soft curves (as in ovals or circles). For a dramatic look that everyone will be sure to notice, opt for the former. But, if you're after a soft, welcoming, cosy feel, curves are usually preferable.

2. Choosing the best pattern

Once you've decided on shape, you'll want to give some thought to which pattern will best suit your existing interiors. The big question here is: do you want your dhurrie rug to be the eye-catching centrepiece of an otherwise neutral room or do you want it to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings? If your answer is the first, don't hold back! Go for strong, bold colours and powerful, geometrical patterns. If you're thinking the second better applies to you, you'll want something more subtle - and be sure that it'll coordinate with your furniture and wall paint.

3. Choosing the right size

What are you going to use your dhurrie rug for? Will it be placed under a feature vase, providing a gentle accompaniment? Or will it be placed on the floor, where kids will roll around on it and you'll have a lie down after a long and tiring day? Choose a size to fit your purpose. If you're going for a floor rug, don't be afraid to choose something massive - that way, there'll be room for you, the kids and maybe even the dog!


Would you like more tips for choosing the perfect dhurrie rug for your home? Get in touch today and our expert team will give you some advice.

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