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Easy ways to organise your office

An organised office means a more productive office! Here at House of Home, we offer a range of desk tidies to help make your office organised and clutter-free.

Our desk tidies come from a variety of Australian stationery outlets, meaning that you can browse the best desk tidies Australia has to offer in one place! There’s a variety of pieces to suit every budget, so your office can advance without damaging your wallet.

So how exactly do you organise your office? Whether you have a large office, or a simple at-home desk, organising your workspace allows you to make the most of the space you have.

One easy way to organise your office is through various stationery holders, such as letter racks and pen holders. All of these products are easily available to buy online.

If you find that your office or desk is always covered with Post-it notes, a memo board or a pegboard will keep all of your fleeting thoughts in one place. Plus, they will add an extra stylish element to your office.

Another way to ensure your office is organised is to invest in a filing cabinet. There’s nothing more cluttered then un-organised paperwork and a filing cabinet will ensure that your paperwork, and your business, is in good order.

The benefits of an organised office

Many say that a cluttered work space equates to a cluttered mind - psychologists have found that a cluttered workspace is likely to increase stress levels.

If you are looking at organising your desk at your nine-to-five job, doing so may just put you in the boss’s good books! An organised office is a clear display of many positive personality aspects, such as organisation, responsibility, cleanliness and a go-getter attitude.

Desk organisation in a large workplace also ensures you have a full level of responsibility and accountability for your own work and actions. When your boss asks for a certain document, you can retrieve it straight away. And no one can ever accuse you of stealing their documents or stationery, as everything in your workspace is organised and displayed!

Psychologists have also found that clutter increases distraction and we can easily see why. Concentrating on that one important assignment can be hard when there are documents, phone numbers and notes flying around in a metaphorical hurricane on your desk. The moral of the story is simple: an organised office = a more effective you!

Ready to get organised? Browse through our huge range of desk organisers to sort your workspace out! Better yet, invest in a new desk that is more appropriate for both your office and you. Our guide on Home Office Styles can help you decide on a style, and offers tips on optimising your work space.