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Make the most of stylish desk clocks

What is it about clocks that is so appealing? Is it that they hark back to a previous era, when intricate clockwork was the height of humanity’s inventive genius? Is it the beauty of their individual designs? Or is it simply their practical use, that they keep you on time? If you have a home office, study at home, or simply use a desk to read or type, a desk clock is a must-have.

Right on time and style

A desk clock says something about you as its owner. It’s a reflection of your personal style and creativity. So, when choosing the perfect desk clock for you, consider a few things first. How big is your desk? You want to select a clock that’s the right size – too small and it will get swamped, too big and you won’t be able to fit your paperweights. Have it in proportion. Next, consider what décor you already have in your room. Have a 19th century theme? Perhaps choose a desk clock with a convex ship deck look. Is your study uber-modern? Look for geometric designs and patterns. Choosing a desk clock for a teenager in high school? Consider funky shapes and edgy looks. Do you have a shabby chic home? Try a vintage-look desk clock with ornate edges.

Roman numerals or digital?

The numerals you use to tell the time are another consideration. Roman numerals can add an air of old-time sophistication. However, modern numerals are easier to read – so they’re great for younger people – and they can give your desk clock a contemporary feel. Again, have a think about what décor you’ve currently got in your home, and this will help you make your selection.

Also, have a think about the ticking of your clock. Would you prefer it to move silently, so you can concentrate better? Or would you prefer to hear its comfort-giving ticking?

Your desk clock will add so much more than functionality to your study or home office. It will give it an element of style and a sense of completion. House of Home’s range of desk clocks ensure that your working day will tick along just fine.