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It’s time to get out and soak up those fantastic summer rays, and just unwind in your own outdoor space.

Plenty of us use this time to take a good look around our gardens or backyards and think about ways that can give them an instant lift, or quick improvements that make them so much more enjoyable.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to spruce up a garden or backyard is through fresh fencing or screening.

Obviously the benefits are beyond aesthetics alone; fencing and screening can be as practical as they are pleasurable to the eye.

What are the benefits of screens and fences?

We need no convincing that garden screening can provide practical screening, privacy and shading to the home of backyard.

But it can also compliment your surrounds and offer a decorative feature. Screening can be a spectacular way to create a focal point in the garden that gives it a depth and interest.

There are myriad benefits when it comes to fencing. In no particular order these include privacy, reclaiming your garden (by establishing clear boundaries), enhancing the aesthetic value of your home (particularly important when selling, especially given a fence traditionally forms part of a home’s first impression), acoustics and security.

Common screen and fencing mistakes to avoid

From a screening perspective, the most common mistake is installing a screen that actually doesn’t do what it was intended to do.

For example, people have been known to install a screen above a fence, only to find it doesn’t comply with regulations, or it blocks out too much light, or it fails to provide the privacy intended.

Although many people simply want a screen that looks amazing, a good screen can multi-task!

A common mistake in fencing is to simply consider it as an after-thought, something that never fails to surprise us is the money people will spend on their homes, only to compromise the look with a sub-par fence.

Some fences can also absorb significant amounts of heat and destroy any flora planted near them, whilst others can be made with material that won’t last the distance and starts to deteriorate in no time.

Avoid fencing mistakes by knowing firstly what it is the fence needs to achieve, and work from there to find an appropriate solution.

What's hot?

In the world of screens, big and bold decorative patterns with 70s style geometry are really trending at the moment.

Having said that, linear patterns do tend to do better over time, and it is always a wise choice to select a pattern and style that references another element of your garden, or the architecture of your home.

Screens and fences are not only practical, but can be a relatively quick and easy way to instantly add depth, drama and finish to your backyard or garden.

The sooner they’re up, the sooner you can fall back in a recliner, cold glass in hand, and enjoy.

Happy summer!