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Change the Look of Your Home With Decorative Mirrors for Sale

The interior of your Melbourne home can become anything you’d like. Even if it’s relatively small, you can transform it with the right accessories. This includes deco mirrors. Decorating with mirrors allows you to add character, elegance, space and ambiance to bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and kids’ playrooms. Don’t forget that a decorative mirror in a foyer gives you one last chance to make sure you’re ready to face the world before you head out the door!

How to Decorate Your Home with Mirrors

Professional interior decorators love to use mirrors to their advantage, whether to stage a home for sale or simply give a room a more cohesive style. Some of the ways that professionals use decorative mirrors include:

• Giving the illusion of space — A mirror can make any room or hallway seem larger. It adds a sense of depth and tricks the eye into believing the space is bigger than it really is. The key is to use a decorative mirror that’s large enough. Discover more great tips like this on maximising space in a room here.

• Complementing your style — Does your home have a contemporary design or a classic flair? Or, do you prefer vintage furnishings? Interior designers use hanging deco mirrors in Melbourne homes to complement the overall theme of the house and help pull together all of the elements.

• Increasing the light in a dark space — When a room is dark by nature, it deserves more light. A decorative mirror can help make the most of all the artificial and natural light in the room. By maximising the brightness, the mirror gives the room a new sense of airiness and warmth. Find an example of this in our Bathroom Lighting Design Tips article.

• Adding a focal point — Every room deserves at least one focal point, and in some cases, you can achieve this with a decorative mirror. Case in point: a child’s bedroom that is mostly white and neutral colours. A purple, pink or red framed mirror will revitalize the space by adding a pop of colour and whimsy.

• Displaying items on a table or stand — You can use mirrors to reflect the images of objects on a table or stand. Consider placing the decorative mirror under the items, if they do not weigh much, or directly in back of them.

Taking Care of Your Decorative Mirrors

As with all home furnishings and décor, it’s important to take care of deco mirrors. Usually, you only need to clean and dust them with a soft cloth. Remember to also dust off the mirror frames. Be careful when hanging your decorative mirror and make you’re using the proper types of hooks and wires to secure your mirror to the wall.

Mirrors can do many things, from letting you see the spinach in your teeth to maximizing your visual space.