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Decorative Fires


Decorative fireplaces

Decorative fireplaces make a stunning centrepiece in any living room. Less maintenance than traditional fireplaces, decorative fireplaces offer a visually impressive heating solution for the modern home. House of Home can connect you with a number of stockists across Australia to find the perfect decorative fireplace for your needs.

How do decorative fireplaces work?

Decorative fireplaces burn cleanly; using ethanol based bio-fuel, and produces pleasant warmth free from smoke. Alternatively, electric fireplaces also provide clean, comfortable warmth without emitting dangerous fumes. Burn time and fuel capacity can vary by fireplace.

Decorative fireplaces are easy to install, offer more installation flexibility and eliminate the mess associated with traditional fireplaces.

Why you should choose a decorative fireplace

House of Home stocks a range of decorative fireplaces built using high-quality materials in a range of finishes and stylish designs. From inbuilt options to fit into an existing opening, to freestanding or floor mounted, indoor or outdoor use, there’s a fireplace to suit your needs.

Decorative fireplaces can come in a variety of sizes to heat different sized spaces including single rooms, to larger living areas.

They make a great addition to any living room, office space, or even an outdoor dining area. They can be installed exquisitely in existing fireplace cavities, new homes or refurbishments. But most of all, decorative fireplaces add an element of elegance to any room and create a sense of comfort and calm.

Popular finishes includes stainless steel, or tempered glass, and can include decorative logs, coal or pebble stones to create the appearance of a traditional fireplace.

Looking to use a fireplace to create a cosy space in your home? Get some more tips on how to achieve this with our 10 Steps to Create a Cozy Home.