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How to choose the right sheets

Sleep is a key part of our lives. High quality sleep can mean the difference between a high level of physical and cognitive performance and falling short.

Here at House of Home, we know just how important sleep is to you, which is why we offer an array of high quality mattresses, pillows and sheet sets.

When it comes to choosing the right sheets for your needs, there are a few important factors to take into consideration: fit, thread count and colour.

Read on for more information on each of these factors, and to help you decide which sheets are the ones for you, or take a look at our Buying Guide for Sheets & Bedding.

Why cotton?

For decades, cotton sheets have been the most popular choice in our bedrooms. The main reason for this is cotton's undeniable comfort. Cotton sheets are also known for having a high level of quality, for a low cost! This makes them often more appealing than their silk or bamboo counterparts.

Another advantage of cotton sheets is their longevity. Cotton is a sturdy fabric that doesn’t stain or tear easily, and they're easy to clean in most washing machines.

Thread count

The thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal wefts of thread per square inch. Generally speaking, the higher the sheets’ thread count, the more comfortable they will feel.


Another factor to take into consideration is the fit of the sheets. Flat sheets are ideal if you would prefer to tuck the sheets around and under the mattress, or would simply like to sleep under the sheet. Fitted sheets, on the other hand, are equipped with elasticated sides that allow them to fit perfectly in place on your mattress.


For many, white sheets are a popular choice due to their versatility. White sheets have that ‘cloud like’ appeal and will blend seamlessly with a range of patterned doona covers and bedding sets. The one disadvantage with white sheets is that they stain and discolour easily, so regular washing is a must. If you don’t run specific ‘white cycles’ when you do the laundry, coloured sheets may be a better choice for you.

Grey sheets are a great option for those worried about discolouring, but still want a neutral and understated look.

If your taste is the antithesis of minimal, why not opt for patterned sheets? Polka dot and striped sheet sets will make a subtle statement, while not taking away from a vibrant patterned doona cover.

In need of some more bedroom inspiration? Have a read of our Tips for Beautifying the Bedroom.