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Transform the Look of Any Space With Cotton Rugs

Have you ever decorated your home with cotton rugs? They make an attractive addition to almost any space. Some of the places that are ideally suited for the display and use of cotton rugs include the kitchen, hallways, living areas and bedrooms.

Below are some of our ideas for using cotton rugs in your home, and you can find the right style of rug in our Rug Selection Buying Guide!

Add a Splash of Colour to Your Kitchen With a Cotton Rug

Does your kitchen need a décor piece that will be functional as well as suitable for the style of your home? Why not consider one of the cotton rugs for sale here? Cotton rugs are often circular and sit beautifully in the middle of a kitchen floor. To minimise the chance of slipping, you can add no-slip products to the underside.

Your Cotton Rug Will Serve as a Delightful Hallway Greeting

Imagine how lovely it will be when you open your front door and see your new cotton rug! Many hallways and entryways are woefully under-utilised as well as under-decorated. Why allow yours to remain dull? Spice it up with a whimsical cotton rug in playful hues!

Warm Up the Living Room Area With Cotton Rugs

Whether you already have wall-to-wall carpeting, or you have hardwood floors, you can always use a cotton rug! Try putting the cotton rug in an area of the floor that is currently bare. Or, place the cotton rug under a smaller piece of furniture, such as an end table, lamp or vase.

Mornings and Nights Are Better With Cotton Rugs in the Bedroom!

Wake up to the look of a cotton rug and enjoy the way the soft fibres feel when you first get out of bed to greet the day. Cotton rugs are highly durable, and they’ll wear well over time. In fact, you’ll probably feel as if your cotton rug gets lusher as the years go by!

How to Keep Your Cotton Rug Looking Its Best

As with all rugs, when you buy cotton rugs, you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping them as clean as you can. One of the easiest ways to maintain a cotton rug is to shake it out periodically. Obviously, this is easier with a smaller cotton rug than a larger one. Therefore, it may be a task that takes two people!

Depending on your vacuum, you may be able to simply suction up dirt from your cotton rug. Be careful, though — some vacuums are too powerful and will tug at the fibres, marring the shape and pattern.

If your cotton rug becomes very dirty, you can try spot-cleaning it with a mild soap and warm water, and then hang the rug until it is dry. Cotton rugs shouldn’t be placed in the washing machine or dryer, as they can shrink or come apart due to the rough agitation and intense heat.

Pick the right rug for you with the help of our guide on Selecting a Style Of Rug.