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Coffee Tables


Find Coffee Tables in Australia Perfect for Your Home

One of the featured furnishings in many living rooms and lounge areas is the coffee table. This often-used piece of furniture is suitable for holding glassware, drinks, collectibles, magazines, books and more. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for you to showcase your chosen home décor style.

As you look through the coffee tables available in Australia at House of Home, you’ll notice they don’t look alike. In fact, the trend in coffee tables runs the gamut from traditional to eclectic. Depending on your taste, you’ll be able to find the right coffee table for sale that fits your home’s style.

Consider a Unique Coffee Table as a Conversation Starter

Are you seeking a unique coffee table that won’t just complement your current living room furniture but stands out for all the right reasons? You may find exactly what you need in coffee table styles that are modern, industrial, contemporary, Bohemian or Scandinavian. Usually, these models offer unusual materials or shapes that draw attention to them right away. Your living space will never be the same, and you’ll love your coffee table.

Height Matters When Choosing Coffee Tables in Australia

Coffee tables come in several heights, and it’s essential to get out your measuring tape to determine how many centimetres you want your coffee table to be. A coffee table that’s too high or too low not only looks awkward in your home, but it will be awkward to use. In general, the coffee table should be at the same height or a little lower than the cushions of your sofa or lounge. This isn’t a rule that’s set in stone, but it’s one that many designers follow.

Depth is also a measurement to take into consideration in your coffee table. If you’re replacing your current coffee table, measure it to get a better idea of the proper depth ranges. If you’re buying your first coffee table or a new one, you may want to plot out the perfect footprint in your living area so you can be sure you’re getting the depth you want.

How to Take Care of Your Coffee Table Investment

Are you planning to use your coffee table regularly? If so, you’ll need to make sure it’s always protected. If food or beverages are going to be placed on the top of the table, it’s best to use placemats or coasters to reduce the risk of marring the finish. You should also clean your coffee table whenever you clean the rest of the furniture in your home. Many of the coffee tables for sale at HouseofHome are wood, and wood definitely needs to be properly cared for. Don’t worry — it’s a simple process, and you’ll appreciate the results!

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are great way to not only decorate your coffee table but they are also be great conversation starters with your guests.

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