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Coat Stands


The latest coat stands for convenience and colour

Coat stands and clothes racks, in a stylish and colour-popping range, are the fast, easy and fashionable way to get jackets, clothes, scarves and bags off the ground in rooms with limited space, whilst doubling as the perfect interior decorating accessory for a modern home that gives the best first impression from the moment a visitor walks in the door.

Not only functional but fashionable too, the latest range of coat stands and clothes racks can be used for many purposes in just about any room of your house, from the entry hall to the garage. In your hallway, where you hang your coat and umbrella on the coat stand for convenience, update your modern décor in line with the latest designer trends.

Convenience and colour

Do your kids dump their school bags on the floor as soon as they walk in the door? Keep your home clear and tidy by enticing your children to hang their bags on their very own, trendy and colour-popping coat stand. With so many styles to choose from, coat stands come in a range of colours and sizes suitable not just for your home but even your office. They are among the easiest interior accessories to assemble, move from location to location and combine with the existing décor of your home, helping you stay organised amid your busy lifestyle no matter what time of year or fashion season it is.

Just as appropriate on his side of the bedroom as hers, a coat stand or clothes rack will have you displaying the accessories you use or wear every day with ease and style. It's where fashion meets tidiness and convenience, allowing you to keep your house the way you like and express your personality with the latest modern styles.

Efficiency or style

So whether your main goal is efficiency or style, it's not often you come across a range of coat stands and clothes racks that will tick the box for everyone and every desire. Handy in the laundry and giving the right first impression inside your front door, the latest sleek modern designs will clear the space you need in the most stylish way possible.

Discover how a coat rack can be a great way to renovating your home's entrance or an ideal starting point for creating a mud room.

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