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Find the perfect clothes dryer

When the winter months are upon us, it’s more important than ever that we have a reliable clothes dryer in our home. Hanging our clothes out to dry when it can get damp and wet outside can often hinder our laundry day more than it can help.

Using a clothes dryer can take a lot of stress out of doing the laundry, especially if you are someone with a busy lifestyle who has much more important things to do then spend hours doing the laundry!

Energy efficient clothes dryers

Energy efficiency is vital when selecting a clothes dryer for your home these days. The more energy efficient models might be a little more expensive, but they will save you a lot of money in electricity in the long term, so they are well worth the investment.

Safety is important too, and at House of Home we pride ourselves on providing safe and quality products to our customers. Modern dryers have ample safety measures put in place during the design phase to make the risk of fault or fire far lesser than in previous years and older designs.

Plenty of choice

There is a huge range of clothes dryers, from the budget models to the more expensive, which take a larger load and provide your laundry with a more gentle, efficient drying process.

There are numerous different styles too, from the top loader design which is the more traditional, to the front loader for the modern-styled home. Take your time choosing what is best for you.

What ever clothes dryer you feel suits your home and family best, you’re bound to find it at House of Home. Why not check out our extensive range of laundry accessories too, so you can upgrade your laundry experience from the moment your clothes are in the hamper?

For more tips, don’t forget to visit our blog, where you can get everything from handy advice to home design inspiration.