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Modern Clocks to Antique Clocks: Buy the right clock for your home

The Classic Wall Hanging Clock

Though time-telling mobile devices seem to be everywhere, clocks will always be a necessity for forward-thinking consumers and homeowners. For some individuals, their first introduction to a clock was a wall hanging model. Perhaps they had one in their home, or they remember the wall hanging clocks in their schools growing up. Regardless, wall hanging clocks are still in vogue, and we've got the best range of wall clocks Australia can offer!

Large Wall Clocks

Big wall clocks are a great way to make a statement, however make sure you buy one that won’t be too heavy for your wall and ensure you mount it correctly. Some wall hanging clocks are more delicate than others — protect yours by using the proper kind of installation equipment.

What Are Free Standing Clocks?

Free standing clocks are ones not attached to the wall. They can be large, as in the case of grandfather clocks, or they can be smaller, such as desk clocks. Either way, they make it simple for you to just add a battery or wind them up and let them tell time. Be sure to find one with a face that’s big enough for you to see the time — some tinier free standing clocks are difficult to see from far away.

Why Buy Unique Clocks?

There are some clock collectors who just adore unique clock varieties. These clocks don’t quite conform to any particular shape or traditional model. If you’re looking for an accent piece to add visual delight to any room — such as the bathroom, laundry, kitchen, kids’ bedroom or even enclosed patio — consider a unique clock. Try a flip clock or a wooden clock for a funky wall clock idea.

Roman Numerals, Arabic Numerals or No Numerals?

You’ll notice as you look through the collection of clocks for sale that some feature Roman numerals, others Arabic numerals and a few have no numerals at all. This doesn’t make much different for adults, but if your clock is for a child’s space, you may want to pick the type of numeral that will make it easy to tell the time. This is usually the Arabic numeral format of 1-12, rather than the Roman numeral format of I-XII.

Digital Clocks Make Great Clock Radios and Alarm Clocks

Do you simply need a clock for your bedside or in the bathroom to keep you on time? Digital clocks are tried-and-true varieties that do the job correctly. Many are also alarm clocks, so you’ll never have to worry about being late again … unless you continuously hit the snooze button! Some also function as iPhone docks – so you can keep your phone charged too.