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Clock radios: better than your smart phone alarm

In our increasingly digital world, many people are now using smart phones to perform many functions that multiple items once were used for, including alarm clocks. With alarms clocks now installed on almost every mobile phone, we are now using our phones to be woken up in the mornings.

The problem with using our phones as alarms is how we now leave our phones resting next to us on our bedside tables while we sleep – or while we try to sleep.

Having our phones so close to us always leads to late night browsing on our phones, which means less sleep and more stress. Essentially, using smart phones as alarms prevents us from being able to switch off at night.

The solution: clock radios

That’s where clock radios come in. Before smart phones, everyone used clock radios to wake up in the morning. Clock radios eliminate the need to have our phones right next to us in bed, and can instead be left somewhere else in the room or in a different room altogether.

Clock radios are the perfect tool for waking up in the morning, providing the token blaring alarm noise that will get anyone out of bed. Alternatively you can choose to wake up to the sound of the radio, and catch up on the morning news or listen to music while you’re getting ready to start your day.

Browse our range of clock radios, available from brands such as Teac, Philips, Bush and Panasonic.

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