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Claw Foot Baths


Claw Foot Tubs

Claw foot tubs were considered a luxury item in 19th century America. While they have become more affordable today, claw foot bathtubs still retain their charm and allusion to opulence. Adding some 19th century vintage may just turn your bathroom into the jewel of your home!

Would a claw foot tub suit your décor style?

Traditional claw foot tubs typically suit two décor styles: vintage and traditional. Traditional claw foot tubs have metal taps and metal claw feet. The more intricate their designs, the more traditional their style. Nowadays, it is possible to buy more modern claw foot tubs that feature sleek and minimalist details. This makes the claw foot tub suitable for basically any décor style – from period homes to modern city apartments!

What are the benefits of the claw foot bath tub?


Claw foot baths do not have to be installed against a wall. This gives more flexibility than a conventional inset bath tub. While an inset bath tub may make a small bathroom even smaller, placing a claw foot bath in the middle of a small bathroom actually creates a strong focal point that draws the eyes away from the walls.

Easy to clean

Additionally, claw foot baths are easy to clean. For one, you will not have to scrub any tiles around the bath. Unlike conventional bath tubs, claw foot tubs actually allow you to walk all around the tub. No more bending over in straining positions!


Perhaps the greatest delight to owning a claw foot tub is the actual bathing experience. Bathing in a claw foot tub always feels like an indulgent experience, whether it be after a long day of work or during a romantic weekend getaway. Just imagine treating yourself to a weekly spa day…in your own home!

How long do claw foot bath tubs last?

Acrylic claw foot tubs can last for 30 years if they are properly maintained. Cracks and stains may appear over time (like conventional baths) but with regular deep cleaning, this is avoidable. More expensive claw foot tubs, such as those made from cast iron, are vintage items that can last for up to a hundred years. Although, finding a vintage claw foot bath is difficult and refurbishing it can be even more difficult. If you’re looking to invest in a bath that will last for a very long time, consider buying a brand new tub made of stonecast resin or calcium carbonate. These materials are more solid than acrylic and come with a longer warranty (usually 25 years).