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Childrens Beds


Check out our amazing collection of childrens beds!

Car beds

Car beds have historically been a big favourite among young boys, but if you have a young girl that's interested in all things fast, that's great as well! There's nothing cooler for a budding petrol-head than owning their very own racing bed. Plus, if they're lucky enough to own a video game system with some racing games, they can even pretend that they are driving for real! We have a huge range of racing beds on offer—including budget beds, all the way up to the premium sports car beds that have a contoured chassis, flashing lights, and a thermoplastic cover to give it a polished sheen.

Pretty in pink

If pink is your kid's flavour, then we have some great choices. We have some delightfully creative beds that will make an awesome birthday or Christmas present, especially if you're struggling to think of gift ideas for imaginative kids. Our range will have your child spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out the bed of their dreams, whether they want a whimsical fantasy bed or something with refined class and prestige.

The two-for-one option

If your budget or real estate is limited, we understand! We have beds that are wide enough to comfortably fit two kids, or just give that special child in your life a spacious bed to rest in at night. We understand that not all kids are the same size, so some of our larger beds are sometimes available to purchase in two different sizes, should size be a concern.

Get all the tips and tricks on how you can create a transitional kids bedroom.