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Go Modern — Shop for Chaise Lounges for Sale

The chaise lounge — or “day bed”, as it’s known in European circles — may be a traditional style of furniture with roots dating back to ancient Egypt, but it continues to exude a very modern feel when added to contemporary homes. Perhaps it’s the relaxed contours of the arms and back of the lounge. Maybe it’s the way it seems to seamlessly fit into any décor. Whatever the reason, its popularity has never gone out of vogue, and it continues to trend.

How to Pick the Right Chaise Lounge for Your Home

Browse our carefully curated selection of chaise lounges and you’ll find a range of choices in:

  • Hue — As with most furniture pieces that invite relaxation, the chaise lounge comes in tons of colours. If you can dream the colour, it probably exists as a chaise lounge! Don’t forget that your chaise lounge makes a terrific focal point in any bedroom or living area. Consider going with a bold shade.

  • Fabric — Some of the fabrics you can find on our marketplace include velvet, leather and linen. If you’re looking for a chaise lounge that has more industrial styling, you can find it in our stainless steel models.

  • Pattern — Along with fabrics come potential patterns, which can be colour blocks, florals, stripes or other designs. If the rest of your room is a neutral colour, and you’re looking forward to making the chaise lounge your spotlight, consider a strong pattern that will draw the visitor’s eye right to your favourite place to unwind!

  • Height and Size — Some chaise lounges for sale have very low profiles, while others stand up higher. It’s best to consider the height of the ceilings in your rooms when determining how high you want your chaise lounge back/arms to be. A high-backed chaise lounge in an area with low ceilings may look awkward or out-of-place.

Hints for Turning Your Chaise Lounge Into the Seat Everyone Wants!

Your chaise lounge can become the favoured seat in your lounge, family room or living room with a few decorator touches:

  • Make the chaise lounge more inviting by adding matching pillows or throws. This encourages people to sit in a more relaxed posture.

  • Add an occasional table at the front or side of the chaise lounge. This makes it simple for someone to curl up with a good book and cup of coffee.

  • Get a throw rug to go under the chaise lounge. The throw rug should resonate the feel of the chaise lounge. For example, if the chaise lounge is a Moroccan style, the rug you choose may be Moroccan-inspired, too.

Browse our chaise lounges for sale conveniently from wherever you are. Get ready to add a chaise lounge to your list of favourite furnishings!

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