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What makes a Nordic Recliner so comfortable?

Originating from Scandinavia and made from high-quality materials, Nordic Recliners offer you the perfect blend of style, elegance and comfort, making finding that 'ideal spot' to relax in a complete breeze. Plus, these recliners are built for users of all sizes with neck and lumbar support, higher backs and a fully adjustable recline system.

What features does a Nordic Recliner have?

The Nordic Recliners available at House of Home are compact in design, making them ideal for any space in your home. They also boast a number of ergonomic adjustments, such as no-sag springs and sturdy armrests with moulded cold-cured foam, so they're ideal if you're seeking good lumbar support. The real beauty of these recliners is that they have a reclining mechanism that moves with your body, so it does away with the need for any handles or levers.

What are Nordic Recliners made from?

These recliners and matching footstools are made from full grain leather, making them long-lasting and durable. They also come in a variety of colours, so you can adapt them to the wider surroundings of your home, wherever you plan on installing your recliner.

All recliners and footstools have a timber frame and laminated wood bases. The frames and bases are constructed of beech, provide robust and durable support. However, if you'd prefer your wood base to be a different colour to match your existing home decor, then, again, you can select a number of different hues to suit.

Find the perfect Nordic Recliner for your needs today at House of Home, as well as expert advice on creating a Nordic vibe to accentuate your Nordic Recliner.