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Drift away with candles & home frangrance from heaven

Candles aren’t just about the taper variety you find at the supermarket any more. Candles and home scents are now used for creating ambience, peace and atmosphere in the home. Browse through a range of candles with mood-enhancing quality fragrances, artisan jar containers, exquisite contours and designs, and feel-good colours.

Creating a sanctuary

Like adding icing to a cake, candles and home scents are small details that give your home a sense of completion but also impart a feeling of peace and wellbeing. Luckily, it’s not tricky to use candles and home scents. If your home has space and a safe burning surface, these products tend to do the work for you. Turn off your technology, clear your clutter, and let these gorgeous scented artisan products take your mood to a new level of calm.

Finding the right candles and home fragrances

Consider which part of the house you’d like to use the products in. Different scents have different effects – think patchouli for spirituality, citrus scents to uplift, rose and ylang ylang for sensuality and lavender to calm. Colours are also said to have impacts on our mood – red for passion, blue for peace, green for healing and white for purity. Mix and match to get the right variety for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living areas. Also consider what type of wax you’d like – paraffin is a great all-rounder, but soy and beeswax are lovely natural alternatives that also emit their own nice scents.

Lastly, consider shape and size. Candles that are contained in jars are great if you don’t have specialised holders, but either way you’ll need to ensure you’ve got a safe surface for burning and make sure you never leave a lit candle unsupervised.

Candles for drama

Candles aren’t just about adding ambience, they can be statement pieces in their own right and a special kind of decoration – even when they’re not burning. Like miniature sculptures or tiny tubs encompassing promises of luxury, candles can be an important part of your home décor. Browse our range of candles and home scents on House of Home and find which designs, shapes and colours suit you best.

Meet a fragrance expert to discover all you need to know about home fragrances.