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Finding the perfect scented candle

Candles have the ability to add a little extra charm and personality to any room. Scented candles especially offer a welcoming aroma and make a house feel like a home. They can be used for decorative purposes, for healing, and for added styling.

House of Home can help you find the perfect candle from retailers across Australia available in store and online. Candles can vary by scent, burn time and wax type.

Tips for how to buy scented candles online:

Scented candles can invigorate and refresh the senses. Choose a scent based on the room where the candle will be located. For the kitchen, choose a herby scent that won’t clash with cooking aromas.

For the laundry or bathroom, something light, fresh and floral will work best. For the living room, a warm and comforting scent is ideal.

Scented candles are also great for relaxing. Soothing scents can aid in natural healing as many scents are based on a combination of essential oils. Try the following scents to de-stress and relax:

• Calming – lavender, bamboo, vanilla • Invigorating – citrus scents • Relaxing – camomile, ylang-ylang

For some expert tips on selecting a fragrance, check out our interview with Quintescents Fragrance Account Manager, Janelle Stevenson.

Candle wax types:

Wax types can also vary, with the main types being soy, beeswax, paraffin, and vegetable wax - each with their own features.

• Soy wax – renewable source, burns longer cooler and cleaner with no toxins • Beeswax – natural source with its own unique and distinctive scent • Paraffin – most common type of wax, however it can emit air pollutants • Vegetable wax – similar to soy, extracted from plants and often blended with other varieties

Burn time is essentially how long the candle will burn for before it needs to be replaced. Each candle has its own burn time based on its size and wax type. The location around the home is also an important factor, as draughty locations tend to burn candles down faster.

Take a look at the range of bookshelves and wall units available through House of Home to display your candle.