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Storage Cabinets

Storage solutions for every room

Cabinets are used for storage in almost every room in the home. Eating and cooking utensils need to have their own place in the kitchen, as does soap, shampoo and toothpaste in the bathroom. Medicine cabinets keep all first aid supplies, from painkillers to plasters, in one place for easy access. A lot of home offices use cabinets to store paperwork, ensuring everything remains organised and in order. Storage space is a must in any home, and a cabinet can offer a stylish solution.

Endless aesthetic options

You are guaranteed to find a cabinet to complement your home's decor because of the sheer range available. Wood is traditionally seen in kitchens and creates a rustic, homely feel, while metal is often an office staple. Plastic comes in countless colours, perfect for transforming a playroom or bedroom into a vibrant space for your children. There really are no limits on colour or style when it comes to cabinets.

Versatile and beautiful glass cabinets

Glass cabinets create space and spread light, providing welcome relief in a kitchen that is dominated by a sea of imposing wooden doors. Proudly display your collection of alcoholic beverages in a glass cabinet, and invite guests over for a tipple. You can even opt for frosted glass to conceal a cabinet's contents.

Decorate your home with a cabinet

Although cabinets are fantastic storage spaces, they can serve as purely ornamental pieces. Rest pictures of loved ones, trinkets, table lamps and mirrors on top of them to further decorate your living space.

Whether you're looking for a piece to add beauty to your home, or a purpose-built cabinet to store household essentials, House of Home will have something for you.

Before you go buying a cabinet online you want to make sure you know how to measure a cabinet to ensure you're buying the right size product for your space.

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