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Butterfly Extension Table


Stretching out your space with a butterfly extension table

Not many of us are blessed with huge dining rooms. If you have a more modestly-sized dining area, need to be conservative with space, but still want to entertain guests on special occasions, a butterfly extension table might be the solution you’re looking for.

How do they work?

Butterfly extension tables have an extension piece that opens and closes like a butterfly’s wings. The mechanism is clever because it’s easy to use and also tricky to spot. Some tables have an extension piece that is removed altogether until you need to make the table bigger, while others fold the extension piece within the table. When it’s time to extend, you simply pull the lever that creates the space, with the extra piece building a bigger dining surface.

What types are available?

Generally, butterfly extension tables are made of wood because it’s easier to move the leaf mechanism around than it would be with metal and glass. While most of House of Home’s butterfly extension tables are made from stunning, quality, durable hardwood, we also stock some clever, futuristic glass and MDF versions. Check out our range and see for yourself – we stock everything from mahogany and teak to rustic raw timber looks and noble stained finishes.

Choosing the right table

Have a think about how many people you live with in your home and the size of your family. Then consider the average amount of guests you invite for events. This will help you choose the right size – a family of four might like a butterfly extension table that extends to seat six to eight people, for instance. Remember to measure your living area before you choose, so you know the room can comfortably accommodate your new purchase.

Then consider finishes. A contemporary or urban home might work well with a glass or MDF table, while an older-style home will work well with a stained mahogany or other type of hardwood table. Consider unstained, rustic styles for country retreats or contemporary living.

Browse House of Home's range of butterfly extension tables today to find the perfect fit for your home.

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