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Bunk Beds for Sale


Bunk Beds and Loft Beds at House of Home

Bunk beds are a really versatile and functional way to furnish a child’s room, a spare room or a holiday house. Whether you’re interested in a fun bunk bed with a slide, bunk beds with storage, double bunk beds for sale or loft beds, you’ll love the range of bunk beds and loft beds we’ve brought together on our online marketplace.

We work with furniture stores from around Australia, and list all the bunk beds they have for sale in one easy to search location. House of Home - we’re the simple and modern way to shop.

Most Popular Styles of Bunk Beds

The Loft Bed

Loft beds are popular with both children and adults. A loft bed is simply a bed, elevated high above the ground, giving you space underneath. So it is effectively, a bunk bed with only the top bunk – which is always where everyone wants to sleep anyway!

Loft beds are also available for sale for adults. If you are considering a loft bed for adults, make sure it is of sturdy construction, and has the right weight rating. And if you are thinking a loft bed would help maximize space in a an apartment or dorm room, its important to check the height of the loft bed against your ceiling height – from the top of the mattress to the ceiling there should be at least 90cm, and for an adult 100cm might be better.

One of the popular models to buy is a double loft bed with a desk underneath – by elevating a double bed you free up a lot of floor space. If you are considering sleeping two adults in this loft bed configuration, really double check the build quality of your loft bed to make sure it is super stable.

Bunk Beds with Storage

Kids come with a lot of stuff, and finding adequate storage space can be tricky – particularly in smaller bedrooms. Some bunk bed designs come with built in storage, and are worthwhile considering as they are a great way to maximise use of space and storage in a small bedroom.

In our range we have bunk beds that include simple under bed drawer storage, right through to bunks with built in desks, shelving and wardrobe storage.

Buy Bunk Beds Online

Browse our marketplace to discover:

  • Kids’ bunk beds with slides, desks and extra storage — purchase one bunk bed that includes all the storage you need
  • Designs that can sleep an entire family in one bunk bed — when you buy a double bunk bed with a single bed as the top bunk, and a single trundle underneath, you can easily accommodate four people.
  • Bunk beds made from a range of materials — find rustic bunk beds, contemporary bunk beds, classic bunk beds and everything in between
  • Bunk beds for every budget — you’ll discover bunk beds at every price point, making it easier to find affordable options you’ll love

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