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Bookshelves & Wall Units


Types of Bookcases

White Bookshelf

White bookshelves work really well in smaller spaces as white appears more visually light than a timber finish. A white bookcase will always look fresh and clean can become an extension of the wall if it’s also painted white or contrasts nicely with wall that’s painted in a colour. If in doubt, opt for white – it’s a good safe option.

Ladder bookshelf

Reminiscent of old world libraries and booktoriums, a bookcase with a ladder conjures up a sense of fun and whimsy. This element makes selecting a book not only fun but highly practical. No more having to go in search of a footstool or chair to reach that book that’s just out of arm’s reach.

We have some beautiful ladder bookshelves in various sizes, available in natural timber or painted timber finishes.

Children’s bookshelf

The very best way to keep your child’s room tidy is by having a bookcase with shelves and storage cupboards or place for storage boxes and baskets. We have a gorgeous range of Kids Bookcases with fun combinations of natural and painted timber. Find options for both boys, girls or gender neutral colour options in various designs and styles.

Cube bookshelf

A cube bookcase has square openings rather than rectangular ones. The advantage of a cube bookshelf over a regular bookshelf is that it can look more uniform and tidy, however, the best thing is that a cube book case works really well with storage baskets or boxes and often comes with them as part of a set.

If not, most separately brought storage boxes will fit. This is a great way to conceal junk and items you might not want on display such as board games or magazines etc.

Be sure to check out out range of Storage Boxes and Storage Baskets

Floating bookshelves

If you don’t quite have the floor space for a bookcase, a floating bookshelf is the perfect option for you. A floating bookshelf isn’t just for displaying books either, they are a great way to add interest to your home by creating a feature wall. All you need are a few home décor accents and plants to create something beautiful and striking.

How to style a wall unit

To style your wall unit, mix up the pieces you will display or store on it. From books, photographs, and artwork, to decorative pieces, small plants and candles, the options are endless.

Stack books in a mixture of vertical and horizontal collections, or if you have enough books, try arranging according to colour for a fun visual effect.

Before you purchase your wall unit, double check the space you have available as well as the dimension of the shelving unit to ensure a comfortable fit. You not only want to make sure the unit will fit into the room well, but also so that it won’t overwhelm the room – unless of course that is your intention!

It’s also important to choose a material that will be able to sustain the weight of the items you plan to put on it. Timber and metal framings are ideal, as these materials are strong and durable. Once the wall unit is in place, be sure to secure it to the wall to prevent it tipping over.

Check out our range of artworks and candles to style your new bookshelf.