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A novel idea: books for all interests

The nostalgia of books in your home

Even in the age of e-readers, classic books continue to stand the test of time and endure as a staple in the home.

The simplistic nostalgia and warmth a great, old-fashioned book collection can bring to a space cannot be underestimated. Books add an instant lived-in feel to a living area or bedroom, and provide an aura of calm that cannot be achieved through a laptop or e-book.

Whether it's a classic you've read too many times to count, a new read you've been waiting to get your hands on, or simply a stylish addition to a coffee table, books are an essential.

Our diverse range of beautiful books

At House of Home, we have compiled the best range of books to create a much-needed finishing touch in any room. From useful notebooks to have close by, to coffee table books that double as a fashionable, on-trend design option to give your space a homely feel, we have it all.

We have made sure that our showcased recipe book collection from retailers across Australia covers a large array of international cuisines - from Italian (gelato, anyone?) to traditional French taste sensations. You will find a cookbook to suit an array of skill levels and palates.

We love interior design at House of Home, so of course we've made sure that we have scoured Australian book retailers for the best range of design and architecture books to get your creative juices flowing.

Perhaps your interests lie outside the home itself, in your garden. Our collection of chosen gardening books is second to none and will be sure to nab the interest of green thumbs who find sheer contentment amongst nature.

House of Home's range of fantastic, top-quality books is as diverse as we are, and you'll be sure to find what you are looking for in our extensive collection. Happy reading!

We were lucky enough to be invited to a Megan Hess VIP Book Signing, discover what it was like here.