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Add style to your shelves with ornate bookends

Use bookends in your library

Do you have a home library teeming with row upon row of books, placed anywhere and everywhere? Bookends can be used to organise both large and small collections, keeping them firmly in place and neatly stacked to prevent them from falling over. They are particularly useful for keeping books upright on shelves without sides to prop them up, or on half-filled shelves that need extra support. Your home library will look even more impressive with a beautiful set of bookends to complement your reading collection.

Bookends can help to organise your child's bookshelves

Children's books in particular come in many shapes and sizes, so stacking them in a neat formation can be tricky. Bookends can support all of your child's favourite books, keeping them in order so they can find their favourite stories with ease. Why not choose some to match the theme of their room?

You don't necessarily need books to have bookends

Although the aim of bookends is to support rows of books on shelves, that's not to say they can't be used for purely decorative purposes. A sophisticated home may use bookends as ornaments; a single shelf lining a feature wall of a living room can be adorned with interesting and thought-provoking bookends, which could serve as conversation starters. Brightly coloured bookends can be selected to contrast with your hallway or dining room's paint or wallpaper. There are no rules, and since bookends are available in such a wide array of colours, shapes, sizes and styles, there will always be a set to perfectly complement your home's interior.

Whether you need bookends to support your generous array of literary classics, to keep your child's growing collection neat and tidy, or simply to act as decorative features, House of Home will have a set to suit you.

Discover how bookends can be a great way accessory when designing on a budget.