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Bidets are making a comeback - big time!

Many see bidets as quite an old-fashioned installation within a bathroom, and not necessarily something they would ever consider purchasing. If you think this way, think again!

Bidets are experiencing a renaissance of sorts within home decorating circles, and are increasing in popularity among interior design experts.

Today's bidets have a variety of inclusive extras which our ancestors would not have seen in theirs - propelling bidets into the 21st century and making the operation of one that much easier.

Today's bidets

At House of Home, we are proud to showcase an extensive range of quality bidets from retailers across the nation.

Gone are the days when a bidet was a free-standing, simple basin that you used to clean yourself up without having to have a shower.

Today's bidets come in modern wall-mounted or wall-faced (free standing) options with one mixer tap - or you can always opt for the traditional floor bidet with two old-fashioned ornate taps for hot or cold water.

Electronic options

For the ultimate in opulence, opt for an electronic bidet. There will be no need to operate water pressure by hand - cleanliness and freshness is merely the press of a button away!

Wait! There's more. Many electronic versions come in the form of a portable seat to place over your toilet bowl - with bidet hose inbuilt. This brilliant, dual-purpose option became popular in Japan in the 1980s, when they were introduced to meet the wishes of many to have both a toilet and a bidet in a cramped bathroom. Voila! A modern option and a space saver.

Available in crisp white, sleek black (or a mix of both), you will find a solution to best match your own bathroom decor.

Did you know that the word 'bidet' comes from the French for 'pony'? It is used to describe the way you also "straddle" the product, just as you would with a pony. Browse House of Home and gallop into your nearest bidet retailer today to add a touch of nostalgia to you home.

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