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Bidet seat settings

As the bidet seats each have varying settings and preferences, you can customise your experience to what ever you want it to be. They are extremely easy to use, while also being super relaxing and purifying. Some features include temperature control, water pressure control, self-cleaning nozzles, aerated wash spray, warm air dryer and turbo wash.

Bidet seats are also very economical and cost effective additions to your bathroom. The range at House of Home features ergonomic designs with cutting edge luxury, making it suitable for the whole family.

Why should you use a bidet anyway?

• Bidets are more hygienic than toilet paper, and remove the need for toilet paper altogether which will save you money

• Bidets are also more environmentally friendly than toilet paper

• They can help with health problems, ensuring you are healthy from the inside out

• Bidets promote excellent personal hygiene, which is important to teach young children

• They add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, especially with personalised settings

Now you've found your perfect bidet and bidet seat, discover all you need to know about different toilet types to make sure you do just as well with your loo!