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Outdoor benches can help define any outdoor space, whether at a holiday home or in your own backyard. Whether you're preparing for relaxation in the sun, a summer BBQ, or just quiet contemplation in the peace and quiet of your own private hideaway, the right outdoor furniture can help transform a simple backyard into a year-round oasis.

Unlike the stock metallic picnic benches and lawn chairs of years past, modern design has brought contemporary concepts out of the house and given homeowners the chance to bring the same sense of personal style to their outdoor spaces that was once just limited to inside their homes.

Has your yard seen better days? Beyond simply giving your grass a mow and cleaning up a few leaves, you can give any sized yard a new lease of life with the addition of an outdoor bench as either a small statement piece or a defining set of coordinated outdoor furniture.

With designs to fit any taste and budget, our range of outdoor benches come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to give you the options you’re looking for.

Take it outside

A well-appointed outdoor living space can encourage your family to spend more time outdoors. Picture your loved ones gathered around for years to come in your beautifully defined spaces, whether for a simple weekend cookout or a special event like a holiday, wedding, birthday, or retirement celebration.

Having a comfortable outdoor space can encourage healthier living habits, and certain types of outdoor benches and other outdoor furniture like tables and showers can work in tandem with exercise equipment to take your workout out of the living room or home gym and out into the fresh air.

An outdoor bench can also provide a quiet spot for reading or just contemplation, away from the distractions of TVs and other distractions inside. Convert a corner of your yard into a restful getaway or a mindful spot for meditation.

Now available in a range of materials, from beautiful natural woods to state-of-the-art composites, stylish outdoor benches can range from classic, familiar forms to modern styling with uniquely shaped timber and Scandinavian design. Be sure to check out our entire range of outdoor living items to help beautify your space.

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