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Bench Seating


Bench seating

Bench seating is a versatile seating solution, perfect for entertaining guests in your home. Great for both indoor and outdoor dining settings, as well as for foyers and reading nooks, bench seating can be moved around and used where needed.

House of Home stocks a wonderful range of bench seating options, available to purchase online with delivery to your door, through click and collect, or head in store to see the benches for yourself.

There is an extensive selection of styles to choose from, made from a range of materials, available in various sizing to suit your needs.

Top considerations for choosing bench seating for your home:

First consider the main purpose of the bench seating – is it for dining or for decoration? This will help you decide on the materials and size of the seating. Choose from Beechwood, hide, leather, oak, steel, polyester, timber or more. If it’s use will be more functional, go for more sturdy and durable materials such as timber. If it’s more for styling, you can push the envelope a bit more.

If you already have a dining table, measure the height of the table against the height of the bench seating you want to purchase to ensure there will be enough of a gap to not only sit comfortable, but also to be able to get in and out of the seating with ease.

It also pays to think about the people who will be using the bench seating. While great for families, it’s sometimes not so suitable for older people who prefer to have more back support. If this is the case, you can pick up a couple of single chairs to place at the ends of the table.

Discover how a bench can help to create space in your home and can be a finishing touch to creating your beautiful foyer or entrance space.

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