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Bedside Tables


Beautiful Bed Side Tables for Sale

We all want that perfect bedroom sanctuary – the one where every bit of bedroom furniture reflects your personal style, but more than that we all want a bedroom that works. The bedside table is actually a key part of bringing your bedroom look altogether, plus they are a very practical piece of furniture – the perfect spot for a bedside lamp, to pop a book or magazine, or your alarm.

What to look for when buying bedside tables

There are no rules when choosing a bedside table, personal choice and style are what’s important. Lots of people ask whether when they are buying a pair of bedside tables if they need to match. There is no definitive answer to this question – there is a group of designers and decorators (and home-owners too!) who will only ever put in a pair of matching bedsides. But for those of us who prefer our interiors a little more eclectic, a pair of different or mis-matched bed tables can be just right for the space. If you do decide to go with different side tables, make sure that they are of a similar height and scale, as it will make it easier to pair lamps with them and will keep the room balanced.

Practical Considerations when buying a bedside table

Height of your bed table

Bedside tables are now available in a variety of heights, primarily because there is no uniform bed height. Depending on the base you choose and the style of mattress (pillow top anyone?), the height of your finished bed can vary widely. So bed side tables also come in a variety of heights.

A good rule of thumb: look for bedside tables that are roughly equal to the top of your mattress.

  • For lower profile beds you can find bedside tables around 42 - 46cm in height.
  • Many bed side tables are between 50 and 55cm – this height works well beside most ensemble beds.
  • If you are looking to buy a tall side table, you can find them up to 72cm in height.

Height of the bedside lamp going on the table

When you are thinking about the height of the side table that will suit your bedroom, it’s worth considering the lamps that you’ll be pairing it with, as the combined height of lamp plus side table needs to work with your bed too.

For most people a bedside lamp’s primary purpose is for reading in bed. But no one wants glare directly in their eyes. So when you are looking at the combined height of your bedside table and lamp, aim to have the base of the lamp shade level with your chin when you are sitting up in bed.

Which design of side table should you buy

When you are shopping around online for bedside tables, there are three main designs –

  • True side tables – these are literally side tables, or nests of tables used as bedside tables – no shelf, no drawers, and no cupboard. This style of bedside looks great in many interiors – but the key question is – does that style of bedroom furniture work for you – there’s limited space, and no where to store things like tissues, glasses, phone chargers etc out of sight.
  • The open bedside table – this style of bed table has a shelf or shelves underneath, so you definitely get more space to place extra books or a vase but once again its all on show. What can work well with an open bedside table is to pair it with a storage box on one of the shelves which gives you somewhere out of sight to keep things.
  • Bedside Tables with storage – these side tables come with one or many drawers, or a combination of drawers and cupboards. So if you’ve got lots of extra bits and pieces by your bed that need a home, or prefer things out of sight, consider a bedside in this style. With the extra storage they can be a very handy piece of bedroom furniture.

Style of bedside table

Finally – which one should you choose? Well that really comes down to personal preference – we’ve got lots of styles covered – timber bedsides, beautiful black side tables, white bed tables, and even glamorous mirrored bedside tables.

Have fun choosing!