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Beds with Storage


Organise your home using beds with storage

We spend about eight hours a night in our beds and during this time we want to sleep as peacefully as possible. The less cluttered and tidy our bedroom, the more blissful a sleep we will have as a clean space helps to clear the mind and create tranquillity.

But are you finding it difficult to find places to store your things? Perhaps your bookcase is overflowing or your wardrobe is bursting. It might be time to consider getting beds with storage. This is a great solution to help organise your sleeping space.

The benefits of beds with storage

Think about it – your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom and yet you only use it for a third of the day. Perhaps you currently store things underneath your bed in boxes – but this is far from ideal if you need to pull something out in a hurry.

Beds with storage eliminate having to scramble under your bed to find what you need, bending your body and straining your back. Simply pull out your drawer hidden under your bed or lift the mattress to reveal the added space.

Keep your belongings clean

The space underneath the bed is a haven for dust. Often when we clean we forget to vacuum under the bed and as a result dust collects over the months, making anything we’ve stored under the bed dirty.

Beds with storage are enclosed spaces, helping keep your things clean and avoiding the spread of dust.

Beds with storage for your guest or master bedroom

Beds with storage work well in both your guest and master bedrooms. They are the perfect place to store linen – giving you more room in your linen cupboard. Or in the master bedroom, you can store your shoes in the storage space, making room in your wardrobe.

You can even get rid of a wardrobe and use your bed storage instead, creating more space in your bedroom itself.

Unclutter your bedroom

If you are looking to create an uncluttered space in your room, feel free to browse the beds with storage we have available on the House of Home website. We have a huge number of beds for sale and there’s bound to be one that perfectly suits your needs.

Discover some more tips on how to create a clutter-free bedroom and get some inspiration from our how sailing makes the most of space article.

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