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Bed Heads


Bedheads for sale at House of Home

The bedhead is no ordinary accessory, it’s a special piece that sets the tone of the entire bedroom. A bedhead is an essential item for making a statement and creating a focal point. A bedhead (also commonly referred to as a headboard) is a piece of furniture that attaches to either the head of a bed frame, or to the wall behind the bed. A bedhead works to tie together the overall look of the bedroom and comes in a range of styles and materials; from upholstered headboards in linen, velvet, leather and more, or they can be made from wood or metal.

Types of Headboards

If you’re looking to buy a bedhead to become the focal point of the bedroom furniture, there’s plenty of options. They range from beautifully crafted handmade headboards with ornate framing, to a simple neutral aesthetic or one with a bold pattern. Depending on the style or aesthetic of your bedroom you may wish to consider one of the following bedhead profiles:

  • A plain upholstered fabric
  • An upholstered behead with stitching detail
  • A tufted or deep buttoned headboard
  • A brass framed headboard
  • A wooden timber headboard

With styles ranging from single to king sizes, there’s no need to continue the search elsewhere. We’ve brought together a range of options on our online marketplace that can frame your bed beautifully. Whatever your taste may be, the addition of a headboard is a simple way to transform a room into a sanctuary.

Why invest in a bedhead?

The bed is really the most prominent feature of the bedroom. It’s the first thing you notice upon entering the room. Even a beautifully presented bedroom, with a luxurious king size bed atop elegant floors, feels incomplete if a mattress is pushed up against a bare wall. A headboard anchors the placement of the bed to the room, making it look balanced. A bed could be just the statement piece you’re looking for; working to highlight your existing colour scheme and décor and pull the entire room together aesthetically. Not only does a stylish bedhead draw the eye, it also creates the illusion of a larger space. Aside from the visual benefits, a headboard has many practical features. Whether you’re an avid reader who loves winding down from a long day with a good book, or by watching your favourite T.V show, a headboard offers that much needed back support and extra comfort. It provides a buffer between your back and a cold wall, particularly beneficial in the winter time. A headboard also works as a support structure; keeping pillows in place and off the floor.

Tips to choosing the perfect headboard to accentuate your bedroom:

  • Narrowing down your material of choice (contemporary leather, classic timber, dreamy velvet, for example) will help refine your search options.
  • Decide which style of headboard will best compliment your room. You may want to opt for a headboard that sits on the frame or one that will be fixed against the wall with the bed pushed underneath or in front of.
  • Upholstered headboards with padding provide extra comfort to rest against and add that final touch to your haven.
  • A low timber headboard can help to accentuate a minimalist look, whereas a high headboard can be the grand statement piece of the bedroom.
  • Consider your space and storage needs. You could opt for a bedframe with extra storage built in, which could mean no longer misplacing that vanishing T.V remote.
  • Invest in a headboard that celebrates your own personal style. Remember you are going to be seeing it every night!

No one type of headboard is superior to the other. Choosing the right bedhead all comes down to what best suits your tastes and needs. Whether you prefer a luxurious Italian leather look, something modern and minimalistic, or a headboard with a more antique feel, you’re guaranteed to find something just right at House of Home. We have listed a range of bedheads & headboards in a variety of styles and sizes for sale from furniture stores across Australia. Shopping from our one easy destination will give you more time to get a blissful rest.