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Bean Bags


There are several types of bean bags to choose from:

Bean bag chairs: these are bean bags which have a more structured shape for easier and more comfortable sitting. They hold their shape well, are easy to sit up right in and don’t spill around as much as traditional bean bags.

Big bean bags: these bean bags are larger than normal, offering comfortable seating for multiple people. Big bean bags are ideal for large families, and for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Pet bean bags: why should we get all the fun and have our pets miss out? Pet bean bags are a great option for your dog or cat to join in on the relaxation in your home. These bean bags are made of heavy-duty material to withstand scratches.

Tips for choosing a bean bag:

• Know what size you want, and how much space you have. If you want to move it around several rooms, it needs to fit the spaces available in each of those rooms.

• Consider the material or fabric covering – some are more durable than others, and some are more difficult to clean and keep clean than others.

• If you prefer to have a bit more support while sitting, go for a bean bag chair.

• Consider the intended use of your bean bag – if it will be kept outside, opt for a tougher material.

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