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Beach Towels


Find the perfect beach towel

House of Home has an exciting selection of beach towels, available in vibrant colours and fun patterns. Perfect for use by the pool or at the beach, these large, thick towels are great for drying off after a refreshing dip. Purchase online with convenient delivery to your door.

Beach towels are multi-purpose – not only are the perfect for drying off, they can also be used as a blanket when relaxing and sunbathing. They come in a range of sizes, so you can choose the towel best suited to your height.

Bigger is often better when it comes to beach towels, especially as they have enough room to keep all your things off the sand at the beach. The range of beach towels at House of Home come in varying shapes sizes and quality.

When looking for the perfect beach towel, check the gsm of the towel to ensure a high quality and high absorbency towel. To do this, you can check the gsm (grams per square metre). Anything over 300 gsm is considered a superior quality towel, with higher absorbency.

Caring for your beach towel:

• After use, be sure to either wash the towel or let it dry completely.

• It’s especially important to wash your towel after use at the beach to get rid of sand and other items that can damage the towel over time.

• Brush off any sand left on the towel before washing.

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Discover how a beach towel can help to revamp your outdoor space.

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