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Caroma Baths


Add Elegance to Your Home With Caroma Baths

Do you feel as if your bathroom could use a facelift? For many of us, the bathroom is one of the places we’d most like to renovate. A fast way to completely change the way your bathroom looks is to install one of the beautiful Caroma baths available in Australia.

The Right Shape for Any Bathroom

Bathrooms come in innumerable sizes. Some are quite compact, and others are spacious. Many bathrooms are rectangular or square, while there are some bathrooms that have unusual floorplans. Regardless of your bathroom’s shape, there are Caroma baths to fit.

Caroma baths come standard in rectangular or oval forms as well as several different lengths, widths and depths. This gives you great buying power and options when it comes to changing the way your bathroom functions and looks.

Learn more about bathtub shapes with our Tips on Bath Types article.

Choose Caroma Baths in Acrylic or Steel/Enamel

You’ll find that the Caroma baths for Australia homes and apartments come in acrylic or steel/enamel. Acrylic tubs have incredible insulation properties. If you enjoy long soaks in the bath, and you don’t want the water to lose heat too quickly, an acrylic tub will help keep you toasty as you relax. Steel and enamel tubs do not have as much insulation, but what they do possess are old-world charm and a lower price tag. Plus, they have a classic appearance that could fit into many décor styles.

White or Black? The Colour Can Change the Way Your Bathroom Looks!

Do you want to buy a standard black Caroma bath? Or, do you feel that a black Caroma bath is better suited to your style? If you currently have a white or black bath, and you’re simply looking for a bath to replace it, you’ll probably want to stick with a bath of the same colour. On the other hand, if you’re undergoing a complete redesign of your bathroom space, why not think about going against the grain and making the room unique? The choice is up to you, and the overall effect can be as dramatic or subtle as you desire!

Caring for Caroma Baths Is Easy

No matter what type of Caroma bath you get, you’ll need to care for it properly so you can enjoy years of use. The first rule of keeping baths looking fantastic is to make sure you regularly spot-clean. Don’t allow soap residue and other debris to build on the surface of the bath. You may even want to wipe off your Caroma bath after each use. This will lessen the chances of dirt and grime clinging to the surface.

When it’s time for a thorough cleaning, make sure you use a product suitable for your Caroma bath. Some scouring cleansers are just too harsh. Choose mild detergents and always be careful when scrubbing with anything other than a sponge or soft-bristled brush.

Find your perfect bath with our Tips On Bath Types!