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Baths - the Ultimate Bathroom Luxury

There is nothing quite like sinking into a warm bath at the end of a challenging day. If your bathroom needs an upgrade, House of Home is Australia’s home for small bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs, stone baths and everything in between.

At House of Home, we’re delighted to be the modern shopper’s go-to destination for the very best in bathroom fittings & fixtures. It doesn’t matter where you live or how you prefer to shop, because you’ll get access to your favourite bathroom stores, brands and styles right here. Why waste hours travelling from showroom to showroom when you can discover, browse and buy everything you need to upgrade and renovate your bathroom beautifully, in less time and with more options?

What size is the right size bathtub for your bathroom?

To answer this question you need to think about the size of bath that fits into your floorplan, and what the right size bathtub is for your height.

Average sized bathtub

Most of the baths on the market in Australia measure between 1600mm to 1800mm in length. The length is measured over the total length of the bath, and not just the bit that you lie in, so an 1800mm long bathtub might not actually be 1800mm in length.

So for someone who is 180cm (or 6 feet in the old measure!) an 1800mm long bathtub might be the perfect length, but the best way to tell is to actually head instore and sit in a few and see how comfortable they actually are.

In some bath designs, a shorter length tub is made up for by the bathtub being deeper –so you can still enjoy soaking in a warm bath without your knees being cold!

Small Bathtub

If you have a bathroom that is small in size, but you are still wanting to fit a bathtub into the space, you’ll be interested in our range of small bathtubs. Generally a small bath in Australia is considered to be under 1600mm in length, and you can even find small tubs that measure around 1400mm in length.

With smaller baths a little extra depth is important to make your bathtub comfortable for soaking.

Find Baths for Every Budget at House of Home

Our selection of baths includes:

  • The very best brands and most popular styles — whether you’re renovating your master bathroom with the latest free standing bathtub or simply swapping out a fixture or two, House of Home can help.
  • We sell a wide selection of baths — shop everything from cheap baths to elegant stone baths for sale at House of Home.

House of Home Is the Modern Way to Shop

House of Home knows that the bath you choose must meet your specific needs. Quickly and easily browse the colours, shapes and features you want, or find your perfect small bathtub, without spending needless hours searching. With House of Home, you can:

  • Read up on all the latest bathroom trends, discover products & bathroom stores.
  • Shop wherever and however you choose — ask for convenient home delivery, search for a store you love or click and collect for a hassle-free shopping experience
  • Find the brand new goods you want at Australia’s favourite stores or save loads when you buy from a private seller
  • Sell your old bathroom fittings and splurge on that fabulous bath you’ve been eyeing off.

Discover the Bath You Want at House of Home Today

Browse our selection, and we think you’ll agree that House of Home is the modern way to shop. When it comes to a wide selection of the brands, styles and stores you love most, House of Home cannot be beat. Shop the modern way at House of Home today.

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