Bathroom Wall Cabinets


Bathroom wall cabinets

Bathroom wall cabinets are a great storage solution for any bathroom, providing you with a place to store all your items neatly and keep your bathroom looking organized.

House of Home stocks a premium selection of bathroom wall cabinets from high quality stockists across Australia. Purchase online, click and collect or head in store to choose the perfect bathroom cabinet for your home.

The range of bathroom wall cabinets at House of Home includes the following options:

Wall cabinet: this is suspended from the wall, with the items stored on shelving behind the cabinet doors. This is a great option if floor space is limited. Several wall cabinets also include additional external shelving to display other bathroom accessories.

Mirror cabinet: the same design as a wall cabinet, however this cabinet has mirrors on the doors for added convenience. Mirror cabinets are great for smaller bathrooms as the mirror bounces light around the room, making it appear bigger and brighter.

Vanity cabinet: this cabinet is part of a basin/vanity combination and is bulkier than a wall cabinet but offers more storage space.

Shower bench: sitting upright on the floor against a wall, a shower bench is perfect for stacking towels and can also be used as bathroom seating.

With a range of sizes, including single, double and triple door options, there’s a size to suit all bathrooms. Choose from a range of finishes including timber, laminate and glass.

Browse the range of bathroom accessories at House of Home to put your new bathroom storage to use.

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